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RUFINA JAMES: 40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Give Your Child The Best
Start In Life:

"40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs"

Children's CD
by Rufina James
& Friends

"This CD provides an antidote to the overly jazzed up, hip-hopped, over-processed music all too common in children's music and rhymes today."

"40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs" is a treasure-trove of fun, upbeat traditional nursery rhymes, Mother Goose rhymes, fingerplays and acoustic children's songs in child-friendly arrangements.

Old Mother Goose knew that nursery rhymes provide a firm foundation in rhythm, music, reading and language skills as well as math, culture and much more. She knew that children can't get a better start in these basic skills any other way.

Children love it. Parents love it. We hear comments like this all the time...

"My kids love this CD! It's animated and engaging, there's lots of variety and they love to chant and sing along."

"I really appreciate the more 'classic' approach of this CD. But classic does not mean boring! The rhymes are wonderfully crafted with sound effects and character voices that fascinate my kids - and the songs are sung so beautifully!"

Your child, too, can benefit from the experience of listening, playing and singing along with these beloved Mother Goose rhymes and traditional nursery rhymes and songs.

What's Wrong With Childrens CDs Today?
Today, too many children's nursery rhyme CDs have strayed too far from what nursery rhymes were meant to be. The truth is, adding rock beats, wild guitars and all kinds of other "creative" embellishments to nursery rhymes doesn't improve upon them. The best nursery rhymes survived hundreds of years and continue to stand the test of time because they contain intrinsic value that contributes to children's development.

You'll find these elements are artfully brought out and emphasized in "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs" — rather than drowned out, disregarded or altered.

"40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs" includes these children's favorites:

1. A Was an Apple Pie
2. Higgeldy, Piggeldy, Pop
3. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
4. Five Little Ducks
5. Who's Ringing at My Doorbell
6. Eency Weency Spider
7. There Was a Little Turtle
8. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
9. I Had a Little Nut Tree
10. Bandy Legs
11. Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son
12. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
13. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
14. Hinx Minx
15. Jerry Hall
16. Naughty Pussy Cat
17. Here's Mr. Bullfrog
18. Bye Low, Baby O
19. Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee
20. Little Brown Bear
21. Little Bo-Peep
22. Five Little Robins
23. Jack Sprat
24. Three Wise Men of Gotham
25. Rain, Rain, Go Away
26. Help, Murder, Police!
27. The Queen of Hearts
28. Mary Had a Little Lamb
29. The Man in the Moon
30. Oh, That I Were
31. Humpty Dumpty
32. To Market, To Market
33. As I Was Going Along, Long, Long
34. Dance To Your Daddy
35. The House That Jack Built
36. Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be
37. Hickory Dickory Dock
38. I Won't Be My Father's Jack
39. Thirty Days Hath September
40. Hush Little Baby

Why give your child second best? Let your child experience the natural cadence of traditional nursery rhymes and the highest quality singing from the very start.

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Get your copy of the "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs" Children's CD today!

Comes With a FREE Illustrated Ebook Of All The Nursery Rhymes And Songs

Read Along eBook to 40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs Once you get your copy of the "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs" Children's CD, you'll get a FREE illustrated ebook of all the rhymes and songs!

This ebook includes all the rhymes, songs and fingerplays as well as classic illustrations and even a few coloring pages.

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Get the Coloring Book, Too!
Coloring Book to 40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Let your child color the images from from the "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes Read Along eBook!"

Now, you can get a beautifully illustrated Coloring Book of the same illustrations from the "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes Read Along eBook" in 8 1/2" by 11" pages made for coloring.

A great tool to improve your child's learning and engage MORE of your child's intelligence and creativity by accessing your child's auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills all at once.

Your child will LOVE coloring these unique, vintage illustrations!

Grab your copy of the "40 Favorite Nursery Rhymes COLORING BOOK" today!

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